Step into a world of hyper realistic art, where every detail is a statement of feminine empowerment, sisterhood and bold emotions, inviting you to navigate the chaos with grace and beauty.

Embark on a journey through ancestral roots, deep emotions and artistic wonder.

Discover Roots, the latest oil on canvas
  • Your work is beautiful and reflects in what you manifest.
    Your story is very familiar to me, and the path we travel to allow our spirit, soul and being to be, and do as we were created.

    Gordon M.

  • As an art enthusiast, I have encountered many artists, but Chiara's work stands out for its depth and authenticity. Her ability to capture the essence of her subjects is unparalleled.

    Paul T.

  • I'm absolutely blown away by your hyperrealistic art.
    Every time I look at it I feel a surge of inspiration and admiration. Is not just visually stunning, but also deeply meaningful.

    Emma R.

  • I've been following Chiara's artistic journey for years, and I'm continually amazed by her creativity and passion. Her paintings are not just beautiful, they speak to the soul.

    Jenny P.

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Meet Chiara

Welcome to my artistic journey!

Since childhood, art has been the "Fil rouge" of my entire life.

I started to draw from a very young age. I remember, when I was a kid, I used to immerse myself in painting for countless hours every day, creating my imaginary world, whether I was doodling at my grandmother's kitchen table or sprawled out in the grass...

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