Collection: Original - Paintings

Embark on a journey of discovery with my collection of oil on canvas paintings, crafted for the travelers' souls.
Travelling has been one of the main source of joy in my life. Since I was little, I dreamed about  exhotic adventures, misterious journey, priceless encounter. 
I started to travel and leave abroad quite soon, middle East first, then Asia, Europe, south America, and what made me feel alive the most, in my travels were the human connections. It's in the faces of strangers that I find inspiration, each telling a unique story waiting to be shared.

Get lost in those faces, go as far as you can go to feel home.
Created in my studios between Italy and Paris, each painting is a testament to the power of human connection and the beauty of shared experiences.

Using only the finest materials on linen/cotton canvas, I ensure that each piece is of the highest quality, protected by a layer of varnish to preserve its integrity for years to come.

Join me in celebrating the wanderlust spirit and the universal language of humanity through art.


Original - Paintings