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I feel you - black&white drawing

I feel you - black&white drawing

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Graphite and charcoal on paper. 122 x 88 cm (frame included).

This fine art original drawing on paper represents the softness, delicacy, and strength of human connections. It's a powerful piece that evokes strong emotions in the viewer. The strong contrast between shadows and light emphasizes the softness of the expressions and body language. Sometimes, we just need someone to hold us and understand.

This piece pairs beautifully with "I Hold You" and "I Bind You" as a set of three. It’s perfect for elegant, modern, and well-designed interiors.

The artwork comes with a beautiful light wooden frame that perfectly complements the piece. The frame features a floating effect, where the artwork is elegantly suspended away from the background, creating a striking and modern presentation.

To maintain a contemporary and original look, the artwork does not include a glass on the surface. However, I understand that preferences vary, and I offer the option to add glass if desired.

For any inquiries or special requests regarding the frame as well as possibly adding a glass, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll try my best to accommodating your needs and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

It is shipped by express courier, typically taking between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the destination country and customs formalities.

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